Family law has a deep and personal impact on everyday people. Whether you are working through adoption, child support and custody issues or crafting nuptial agreements, it’s important to work with experienced family lawyers that bring compassion and strong advocacy to the table. Many times, amicable negotiations with family members or ex-spouses are preferable to litigation. But when the other party becomes unreasonable, attorneys at the law firm of Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C., will vigorously fight for your rights and interests.

Nuptial Agreements

Many people feel that discussing a prenuptial agreement indicates a lack of trust or commitment. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, prenups allow couples to openly discuss their wealth and assets before taking marital vows. By creating a binding agreement that secures personal wealth moving forward, prenups tend to avoid friction over money issues during the marriage and reduce acrimonious feelings between spouses and other family members should you decide to part ways.

Post-nuptial agreements are another way to develop a fair and equitable division of wealth during marriage. In situations where spouses run separate businesses or accumulate non-marital wealth, it’s only natural to avoid commingling assets. Postnups allow you both to maintain clear financial lines.


While there are many reasons to adopt a minor child, blended families commonly see significant benefits in bringing everyone under one roof. Adoption can be life-changing event that impacts a child and family when done for the right reasons. The benefits include a joint commitment to being a legally recognized family, binding relationships among siblings and it can provide a feeling of permanence. Giving a child legal status also opens opportunities to inheritance and other legally-recognized benefits.

Adoption is not taken lightly by the courts and it may require permission from a biological parent or negating an unfit parent’s rights. There are widespread implications and it’s imperative that you get the advice of an experienced family law attorney before moving forward.

Parental Rights

There was a time when the “tender years doctrine” was widely followed. Basically, it meant that young children required the full-time love and care of the mother. Today, family courts weigh the “best interest of the child” against a parent’s ability to properly raise and care for a minor. In recent years, father’s rights and grandparent’s rights are being more heavily considered. In terms of gaining child placement and custody, each parent must now make a case why they should enjoy primary rights.

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