You would do just about anything for your family; someday, that could mean visiting an attorney in hopes of achieving a more amicable divorce. When that time arrives, consider working with Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C., and a top resource in White Plains.

Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. has a strong track record in family law, along with many strong reviews from dedicated clients. Attend a single consultation and you’ll quickly see why clients speak so highly of the firm’s attorneys.

Service Area

Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. is based in White Plains. The practice proudly serves clients residing throughout Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess County. Its attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the complexities of the local legal system. They are prepared to take on any challenges local courts may pose. The firm has a strong reputation in Westchester County and beyond, with many clients learning of the practice through word of mouth.

Practice Areas

Although capable of successfully resolving a wide range of legal issues, the attorneys of Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. are most dedicated to family law. Many of their valued clients face divorce or legal separation; they require strong, yet compassionate representation as they make this necessary transition. Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. can assist divorcing clients, custody or child support disputes as they deal with the complications of alimony, child custody, child support, property division, and more. The firm can also help proactive clients take steps such as pre or postnuptial agreements to protect their financial interests.

The Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. Promise

When you work with Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C., you can rest assured, knowing that your attorney cares deeply about your future. The lawyers of Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. are determined to get you and your loved ones on the path to a more rewarding life. They intend to treat you with full respect, regardless of your situation or the questions you ask during your consultation.

Compassionate legal support could make all the difference as you and your ex settle the legal complications of divorce. It’s not possible to entirely escape the pain of divorce, but with help from Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C., you can pursue a relatively amicable split. You’ll emerge feeling confident about your future, and ready for a fresh start.

It’s time to move on with your life; let the team at Guttridge & Cambareri, P.C. get you started. Reach out today to schedule a case consultation.